Easley Nursery's history begins with Albert Tinsley Bracken, the 1st generation of Bracken Nurserymen. Born in 1883, Albert, originally a farmer, learned the landscape and nursery trade, which was passed down through the generations.

It was 1906 that Easley Nursery began, but it was in the 30's, when times were still tough, that Easley Nursery got its official start. Diligent work by "A. T.", along with his 4 sons, soon made the Bracken name synonymous to "nursery". Even when the economy was still in distress from The Great Depression, it was hard work and honest business practices that made certain the Bracken family was in the nursery business to stay.

When A.T. passed, his legacy was taken over by his sons, Cecil, Ray, Jack and Alvin Bracken. Over the years these men worked hard to further the business and grow the company. Some went on to pursue other endeavors like Ray Bracken, who discovered and patented the Bracken Brown Beauty Magnolia. It was upon Ray's departure from Easley Nursery in '53 that Cecil assumed full responsibility for the nursery until such time that his son, Barry Bracken, took the reins.

After incorporating Easley Nursery in '88, Barry has focused his nursery business on the customers. Moving the business from strictly wholesale, to a combination wholesale and retail nursery.

Now into the 3rd generation of Brackens, and grooming the 4th, Easley Nursery continues to uphold the same virtuous values that have kept it in business for the last 100 years.

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121 Bracken Lane Easley, SC 29642